Turner Special LTR-14 Model Airplane Kit

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Span: 51.5in
Roscoe Turner, while maybe not the best pilot of his time, was the only pilot to win the Thompson Trophy race three times. Two of those victories were in the Turner Special. In 1936 feeling that his Wedell-Williams racer could not get any faster, he set out to build a new all out racing machine. He contracted with Larry Brown (of Miss Los Angeles fame) to build him a new racer capable of winning. After almost two years and several modifications, Matty Laird finally completed the racer. Laird had it registered as the LTR-14 (Laird Turner Racer) much to the disappointment of Roscoe Turner. After sorting out the bugs, Roscoe went on to win the 1938 and 1939 Thompson piloting his Turner Special.

Our short kit contains 15 sheets of laser-cut balsa and plywood parts, plus two E-size sheets of plans and a vacuum-formed plastic canopy. Decals and instructions can be downloaded from the "Instructions" tab.

Span: 51.5 in
Area: 382 sq in
Hacker A30-10XL with 14x7 APCE prop
Weight: 4 lb 14 oz

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