Sopwith Camel N200 - Sport 1/6 scale WW1 British fighter Model Airplane Kit

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Span: 59in
Sport 1/6 scale WWI British fighter designed by M. K. Bengtson. Our short kit includes laser-cut balsa, basswood and plywood parts plus printed plans. The kit includes the wood materials for building a dummy rotary engine and a pilot figure, as well as wood parts and neoprene cord for building a pair of scale wheels. This is an AerodromeRC prototype model, so no instruction manual is available.

The model features:
  • Under-camber ribs and sub ribs
  • Carbon rod spars
  • Plywood trailing edges
  • Rear of the fuselage is rigged internally instead of balsa cross pieces
  • Horizontal stabilizer has airfoil shape per original
  • Dummy motor that doubles as electric motor mount
  • Built-up spoke wire wheel design with neoprene cord tires
  • Can be setup for pull pull or pushrod control
Four channel (R/E/A/T)
Wingspan: 59"
Weight: 96oz

Recommended equipment:
Motor: AXI 2826
Battery: 3s4000
Servos: Four mini

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