RAF B.E.2c - WW1 British Spotter Aircraft

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Span: 50 inches
British Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c World War One artillery spotter and photographic reconnaissance biplane aircraft model, designed by Pat Tritle. The short kit includes laser-cut balsa and plywood parts, 3 sheets of detailed full-size printed plans, vacuum-formed plastic lower cowl and engine cylinder heads. Pat also recommends his 3" WW1 wheel kit to complete this model.

Wing span: 50 inches
Wing area: 725 square inches
Flying weight: 26.5 ounces
Controls: 4 channel aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
Motor: Suppo 2217/9 or E-Flite 450
20Amp ESC
2000mAh 2S LiPo
APC 11x5.5 E-prop
2 each 9 gram servos, 2 each 6 gram servos

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