RAF B.E.2c - WW1 British Spotter Aircraft

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Span: 50 inches
British Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c World War One artillery spotter and photographic reconnaissance biplane aircraft model, designed by Pat Tritle. The short kit includes laser-cut balsa and plywood parts, vacuum-formed plastic lower cowl and engine cylinder heads. Pat also recommends his 3" WW1 wheel kit to complete this model. Plans are not included with the short kit. Plans are available from Model Aviation magazine and AMA plans service. See the "Instructions" tab for a link.

Wing span: 50 inches
Wing area: 725 square inches
Flying weight: 26.5 ounces
Controls: 4 channel aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
Motor: Suppo 2217/9 or E-Flite 450
20Amp ESC
2000mAh 2S LiPo
APC 11x5.5 E-prop
2 each 9 gram servos, 2 each 6 gram servos

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