Quik-V7 - AMA NATS-Winning Pylon Racer by Jim Allen

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Span: 52 inches
This is a short kit that includes only the wood structure for the fuselage and tail, as well as wood support structure for optional plastic or fiberglass wing tips. Plans, landing gear, wings and optional wing tips are available from the designer Jim Allen (see the Instructions tab for a link).

This short kit is an updated version of the AMA legal Quik-V6 Quickie 500 pylon racing plane that was used to win the AMA Nationals 426 Super Sport Quickie class in 2014 and 2019, as well as numerous other contests. This latest version, the Quik-V7, has some structural improvements to the previous Version 6 that was sold by Great Planes as an ARF. The external dimensions are the same as the V6 and it uses the same airfoil so, a wing from one of the Great Planes ARF’s will fit great. In addition, a wing for a Great Planes Viper 500 can be used by sanding a bit on the saddle area of the framed fuselage.

For wing options, contact Jim Allen directly (see the Instructions tab for a link).

A molded composite version of the Quik-V7 wing will eventually be available but, it's uncertain when at this point. Jim has landing gear and fiberglass wing tips available.  Landing gears from previous airplanes, including the Great Planes ARF, will work fine on this short kit.

Wingspan: 52”
Engine 0.25-0.46 cu in
Weight: 3.75lb

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