Pulldog - Budget Towplane for 1/4 Scale Sailplanes

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Span: 100 inches
A low budget electric-powered tow plane for 1/4 scale gliders, designed by Al Clark. The short kit includes laser-cut balsa and plywood parts. Full-size printed plans are available as an option, or you can download them from the link on the Instructions tab.

Some of the features are:
  • Low wing position for improved handing, especially on the ground
  • Removable wing panels with automatic servo connector hookup
  • Removable horizontal tail (only one bolt) to allow transport in small cars like a Honda Fit
  • Large fuselage hatch for easy battery and radio access
  • Taildragger landing gear for simplicity and low maintenance
  • Spoilers instead of flaps - results in easy, no-float landings
  • Electric power for low vibration and low noise
  • Simple structure and easy to build
  • Large enough wing for reasonably good visibility at tow release altitude
  • No plastic canopy, so no cracks to worry about
  • Span 100 in
  • Area 1440 sq in
  • Length 70 in
  • Weight 14.6 lbs
  • E-Flite 160 outrunner motor
  • Castle Creations Phoenix Edge HV80 ESC
  • APC 20 X 8 electric prop
  • 10S 5000 mAh 25C LiPo battery (two 5S in series)
Update on towing capability from designer Al Clark:
After a couple years of towing various gliders I have a better handle on what the Pulldog can tow. Any 1/4 scale glider, except very large ones that are draggy (such as a 1/4 scale 2-33), is easy to tow, and gets to altitude quickly. Andy's Moskal 1-26 (built by SPasierb) weighs just over 11 lbs and is easy. Glass ships up to 15 lbs have been towed easily as well. The upper weight limit depends mainly upon how clean the glider is. Scott's big 2-33 taxes the Pulldog, but a higher pitch prop would probably make it easier as the 2-33 seems to want to tow a little faster. All other 1/4 scale gliders have been no problem to tow. One set of batteries (two 5S in series) is good for 4 tows with some margin left over - this is on 1/4 scale gliders, and glass ships up to 14 -15 lbs. After tow release this assumes power off until landing approach. Most folks who tow behind the Pulldog are surprised at its power, and how quickly it gets them to altitude.

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