Kwik Fli 180 - Scale model of Phil Kraft's famous Kwik Fli Model Airplane Kit

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Span: 22in
A scale model of Phil Kraft's famous Kwik Fli. It uses the brushless equipment found in the popular E-flite line of UMX airplanes. It has a wingspan of about 22-inches, has over 100 sq/in of area and a flying weight between 85-95 grams. This short kit includes laser cut balsa wood parts, a clear plastic canopy, and a full-size printed plan.

Kwik Fli 180 Specifications:
Wingspan: 22 3/8 inches
Length: 19 5/8 inches
Wing Area: 95.1 sq/in
Flying Weight: 68-80 grams
Motor Size: 180 BL, 2500?3000Kv
Radio: Ultra-micro
Servos: (4) linear-type
Battery: 180?260mAh
Propeller: 5 x 2.75 two-blade ? 3.95 x 3.95 three-blade
Spinner: 0.875-1.00 inch foam
Michael Ramsey provides the following information about the Kwik Fli 180:
Here's a list of the accessories I recommend and used on both prototypes:
Motor: E-flite? BL180 brushless outrunner, 3000 Kv (EFLUM180BLB)BL180 brushless outrunner, 2500Kv (EFLUM180BL2) optional
Motor mount: UMX? Beast? Firewall (EFLU4066) Spinner: UMX Beast 3D 2-blade spinner (EFLU4851 )Ultra micro ICON A5 3-blade spinner (PKZU2308) optional
Propeller: E-flite 5 x 2.75 2-blade electric propeller (EFLUP050275)3.95 x 3.95 3-blade electric propeller (EFLUP3953953B) optional
Prop adapter: E-flite UMX propeller adapter (EFLU4067)
Receiver: Spektrum DSMX 6Ch Brushless ESC and Receiver with AS3X (SPMAS6410NBL)
Spektrum DSMX 6Ch Brushless ESC and Receiver (SPMAR6410LBL) optional
E-flite DSM2 6Ch Ultra Micro AS3X Receiver BL ESC & Servos (EFLU4864) optional
Servos: (2) Spektrum 2.3-gram performance linear long throw servos (SPMSA2030L)
Extensions: (2) 6-inch ultra micro servo extension (SPMA2001), ailerons (2) 3-inch ultra micro servo extension (SPMA2000), ailerons to RX
Micro-light covering (Solite or UltraCote ParkLite recommended)
Hangar 9 UltraCote ParkLite - Orange (HANU0814)
Hangar 9 UltraCote ParkLite - Blue (HANU0808)
Hangar 9 UltraCote Lite, Scale White (HANU973)
Wheels: UMX MiG-15 landing gear set (EFLU1655), recommended
Here's a list of the hardware recommended...
0.039-inch music wire for nose and main landing gear
(2) 1/8-inch O.D. mixing straws as pushrod guides
0.032-inch music wire for z-bends
0.040-inch (1mm) carbon fiber for pushrods
2mm heat-shrink tubing for pushrod joiners
(4) 1.5mm x 4mm landing gear screws
Tear-proof envelope (tail surface hinge material)
4-40 nylon bolt & #4 washer (wing mount)
1/8-inch dowel rod (wing retainer pin)
(2) ?-inch square/round hatch magnet
(1) 1/16-inch wheel collar (DUB137), optional
,.. and the very short materials list:
(1) 36-inch sheet of 1/16 x 3-inch wide balsa
(1) 36-inch sheet of 1/32 x 3 inch wide balsa
(1) 36-inch sheet of 1/8 x 3 inch wide balsa
(1) 36-inch stick of 3/16 square balsa
(1) 12 x 6-inch sheet of 1/16 birch plywood

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