Hawker Sea Fury - Scale WW2 British fighter Model Airplane Kit

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Span: 42in
This 42.5" span Hawker Sea Fury model was designed by Ron Daniels for either glow or electric power. The minimum glow power that is recommended is a powerful .15, and the maximum a "hot" ball-bearing .32 or .26 to .30 4-stroke. For electric, any combination that will swing a 10 X 8 APC at 8000+ RPM, or an 11 x 8 or 9 at greater than 7000 RPM will provide good power.
Ron said "While this airplane has immense stability and forgiving handling characteristics, it is not recommended for the novice flyer. Even using the minimum recommended power, this is a high performance aircraft that does what you tell it to when you tell it to, and is capable of flying at very high speed. While the Sea Fury is capable of most snapping maneuvers, it is recommended that these are done at great height, as a hesitation in recovery could be costly, at lower heights."
The short kit contains laser-cut balsa and plywood, printed plans, and a vacuum-formed clear plastic canopy. The radial cowling is built-up from wood - no plastic needed!

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