Gloster Meteor - Sport 1/10 scale British Jet (EDF) Fighter Model Airplane Kit

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Span: 52in
The Gloster Meteor was Britain's first jet fighter and the Allies first operational jet, entering service with the RAF in 1944. The Meteor served with several air forces and even saw combat in Korea! This kit, designed by Jim Young, isn't for beginning builders or flyers! It requires some advanced building techniques including planking, fiberglassing, and retracts installation. All major parts are pre-cut from balsa and plywood, with the builder left to select wood and hardware to complete the model. This is a short kit - it includes laser-cut balsa and plywood, printed plans, and a vacuum-formed clear plastic canopy. Assembly instructions are available on the Instructions tab.
  • 1:10 Scale
  • Wing Span: 51.6"
  • Length: 61.45"
  • Wing Area: 668 in^2
  • Weight Target < 100 oz.
  • Wing Loading: ~22oz/ft^2
  • Power 2 x Minifan 480 EDF Units, 2 x 4S 5000mAhr LiPo

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