A-10 Thunderbolt - 61" Span Semi-Scale Twin Jet Attack Aircraft Model

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Span: 61"
Designed by Keith Sparks of ParkflyerPlastics, this is an easy-to-build and fly twin prop-jet. The A-10 is a low-wing trainer that looks like the famous Warthog. It has a flat-bottom trainer-wing airfoil and good slow-speed flight performance. It was featured in Model Airplane News, July 2001. The model has a wing span of 61 inches with a wing area of 700 square inches, giving this model a wing loading of 24.6 ounces per square foot. Total flying weight is about 7 pounds. The prototype used two OS .25FX motors. The model requires four channel R/C. The model can be converted to electric power with a considerable weight savings, using 90mm EDF power systems, but the EDF conversion is not shown on the plans. This is a kit for an experienced modeler.

The short kit includes laser-cut balsa and plywood parts and two sheets of printed full-size plans. Please note that the original plans were hand-drawn; the short kit parts were traced in CAD from the hand-drawn plans and may have minor errors. The short kit also includes a full set of plastic parts: two nacelles, wheel pod fairings, tail cone, canopy, cockpit instrument panel and a pilot figure.

Wingspan: 61 in.
Length: 50 in.
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Power Req'd: two .25 2-stroke engines or two 90mm EDF
Radio Req'd: 4-channel (rudder, throttle, elevator and aileron)

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